I’ve been training with mike for over a year now and I would highly recommend him over and over again. He has made me push myself by encouraging me and has given great advice with my nutrition. He has listened to my goals and always helped me to pursue them.


I have used Mike as a PT for 9 months now and have really grown the bug for resistance training. I can so see the benefits of it for long term health and strength, a really versatile way of exercising which you can take everywhere (my kettlebells and bands get taken in the car to all sorts of places) that can adapt easily to your lifestyle and routine. I have significantly reduced my body fat percentage and improved toning and muscle definition. I supplement it with running. I was very conscious in the beginning but Mike makes you feel very at ease, he is very knowledgably in nutrition and fitness so you can have good discussion as he imparts his experience and thoughts on you in a very unopinionated way. He tailors sessions and guidance according to your needs and desires. As I have advanced, the routines have stayed interesting whilst beneficial. I find it very interesting. I feel the buzz when I leave.


I’ve been training with mike for around a year now and have experienced fantastic results in terms of body composition and overall health and wellbeingMike’s knowledge of nutrition, exercise science is fantastic and he has been able to help me with all aspects of living a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Training is always varied and, after the fact, enjoyable. He has tailored a regime to my individual needs and requirement and is always mixing things up to keep it fresh. I can’t recommend Mike enough for anyone looking to get in shape and educate him or herself as how to live a healthy and happy life.


 I have along with Victoria been training with Mike for over 2 years. During that time we have gained a fitness I thought was perhaps was a memory. Mike puts together a changing schedule for us that focus on all key areas to maintain core strength. We always find him very encouraging, even though we’re aching the following day. A gentle reminder it’s doing us good. I would highly recommend Mike to anyone no matter what age or condition whose looking to improve his or her level of fitness.


Mike has been my PT for just over two years now, initially I asked Mike to help me recover from a snapped Achilles and to rebuild the muscle tone in my calf (job done). Since then I’ve remained a regular with a couple of PT sessions per week because Mike keeps it interesting and challenging, who knew I could do so many press ups/pull ups!? I’m useless at self-motivation in the gym, so the PT Mike offers fits me well. Highly recommended for those needing inspiration & motivation.


I’m in my mid 40s and have been training with Mike in a small group for 20 months. I have been amazed at what I have been able to achieve and how good I feel about myself. I have never stuck to an exercise class or the gym before, but I really look forward to my twice weekly sessions at the barn. Mike explains and demonstrates all the exercises and corrects my technique so I know I am getting the best results, quietly motivating us when the going gets tough. I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been.


I have trained with Mike, on and off for 3 years. He has helped me train through 3st weight loss, toning and strength. Mike’s training is not your average gym session, it is fast paced, fun and challenging. I struggled for months at the gym, spending hours on a treadmill and getting minimal results. Mike helped me to transform my body through exciting and fresh, advanced fitness sessions.


All my life I have exercised but it had to stop when I had my two boys! It was August 2013 and the boys were 3 and 4 years old and my mental health was being tried and tested on a daily basis so I dusted off my exercise gear, put my trainers on and went along to Mike Nichols Personal Trainer & nutrition with 3 of my friends and the rest is history! After training with Mike for 3 years he asked me if I would consider qualifying to work alongside him doing personal training and group classes – it was never something I had thought of doing as all of my time was about the kids and working for my husband but exercising, particularly weight lifting, was something that I loved! Mike inspired me and motivated me every week and I wanted to do the same for other people so thanks to Mike I am now fully qualified at Level 2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing and by early 2018 I will have finished my Level 3 in Personal Training too.  


I have been training with Mike for 10 months now and have made far more progress than I had hoped for when I started. My fitness has drastically improved and I am becoming stronger and more toned as the weeks go on. Mike is highly knowledgeable in his field and he imparts this knowledge with enthusiasm. He encourages you to focus on making changes for life rather than changes for the here and now. Mike tailors his workouts to ensure you are encouraging improvement in your target areas, whilst working on your overall fitness and strength. I really enjoy the sessions as they are varied and he introduces new exercises weekly. I would recommend Mike to anyone!


Mike has been my PT for about 18 months now and he has helped me get effective results with my fitness, strength and general health. I’ve struggled with motivation and not made the most of gym memberships in the past and he has continued to keep me focused and motivated. He has set realistic and measurable goals with a bespoke plan, I know that I am exercising properly now with good sound advice regarding my nutrition also. Mike is a absolutely smashing guy, very professional, patient, confident in his work and really wants you to succeed, and I would definitely recommend him.



I have been a client of Mike’s for nearly 5 years, working on a one-to-one basis.   Mike is a fully qualified, thoroughly professional young man, passionate about health and fitness and helping his clients to achieve their fitness goals. After a basic assessment Mike took me through a series of programmes to develop strength and flexibility.   We then progressed to more challenging programmes, including a12-week ‘Transformation’ programme which Mike has developed, based on exercise and diet.   I have undertaken this programme twice, both very successfully – reducing body fat and gaining strength.   I have chosen to work individually with Mike, he is very supportive, and together we have agreed a challenging ongoing programme.    As Mike says, it’s not just about lifting heavy weights – it’s about challenging exercises, including weights, and doing it correctly to ensure maximum benefit.  For me it’s been a great experience at this time in my life – hard work, but very rewarding, and ‘The Barn’ is the ideal place to work.

Esther Hudson

I have been training with Mike for over a year now. I mainly wanted to improve my fitness and learn new skills including Olympic lifting, body weight exercises, kettle bell workouts and cross fit workouts. Together we have hit my goals and more. His knowledge and his passion for fitness is an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoy his sessions and always looking forward to the next goal. He is fun, energetic and I can’t recommend him enough!


I’m in my late forties & have been training with Mike for the last 2 years. I feel stronger, more flexible & toned now than I have for a long time. In the past I’ve suffered badly with back problems which hindered my ability to do all the sporting activities I like to do. With Mikes guidance & training I have been able to improve my core muscles & strengthen my back muscles which have hugely helped me especially on the golf course. I’m now able to play a full round of golf without any back pain & hit the ball further all down to better strength & flexibility I have achieved training with Mike. I would highly recommend Mike as a personal trainer who really cares about getting the best out of you.

Doug King

I heard about Mike through a friend. I had been spending years dropping in out of gyms never really, managing to stick with it. I have been training with Mike since April and it has been great. Mike has introduced me to loads of new exercises and he is still finding new ones every couple of weeks. Having a couple of sessions a week booked in with Mike is a lot easier than trying find time to train when the public gyms are less busy. This has made it a lot easier to keep training. Mike is a really nice laid back guy and I would recommend him to anyone.



I’ve been going to Hannah’s boot camps for a couple of months and I’m really, really enjoying it. Hannah is an excellent personal trainer. She’s great at setting up circuits that target all the areas of my body that need work! Tummy, thighs, bum and I always feel like I’ve worked my whole body. I love that it is a real mix of abilities and that is embraced. I suppose if I was to round up my experience at Hannah’s boot camps I’d say, ‘welcoming, very friendly, professional, excellent equipment, targeted HITT training, feel it the next day, great results and most of all a lot of fun! Thanks Hannah, see you next session!


Hannah’s classes follow the same format. A warm up and then a walk round the exercise stations (usually about 10). This to me is the most important part as it is here where Hannah takes the time to explain how to perform the exercise & then shows how you can make the exercise easier if you were struggling or more demanding if you want a challenge. In a class of mixed abilities this is key to making sure those who are less able come back and feel that they are valued in the class. Whilst also making sure the more able feel they’ve had a good work out. Hannah is always watching and you can see her giving advice & guidance where required. Hannah also keeps an eye on what station people are going to next so weights could be added or removed as appropriate. Hannah’s classes are friendly, well ran and best of all work providing you put the effort in. I’m please to say I’ve lost a few inches already!


Really motivational class. Hannah’s classes are great fun and friendly. Intuitive and allows you to work at your fitness level. Seeing and feeling the results already!