Mike has been my PT for just over two years now, initially I asked Mike to help me recover from a snapped Achilles and to rebuild the muscle tone in my calf (job done). Since then I’ve remained a regular with a couple of PT sessions per week because Mike keeps it interesting and challenging, who knew I could do so many press ups/pull ups!? I’m useless at self-motivation in the gym, so the PT Mike offers fits me well. Highly recommended for those needing inspiration & motivation.


I’m in my mid 40s and have been training with Mike in a small group for 20 months. I have been amazed at what I have been able to achieve and how good I feel about myself. I have never stuck to an exercise class or the gym before, but I really look forward to my twice weekly sessions at the barn. Mike explains and demonstrates all the exercises and corrects my technique so I know I am getting the best results, quietly motivating us when the going gets tough. I am stronger, fitter and healthier than I have ever been.


I have trained with Mike, on and off for 3 years. He has helped me train through 3st weight loss, toning and strength. Mike’s training is not your average gym session, it is fast paced, fun and challenging. I struggled for months at the gym, spending hours on a treadmill and getting minimal results. Mike helped me to transform my body through exciting and fresh, advanced fitness sessions.


I have always exercised and have tried everything new that has come out and have given them all up after about 6 months. I have been with Mike for over 2 years and still look forward to every session! Mike makes sure that each time is different and a challenge and focuses on the technique and getting the best from the equipment and your body. Mike’s knowledge on food and diet is incredible and it has helped me get on the road to where I want to be – as he says ‘you can’t out exercise a bad diet’! I cannot recommend Mike enough – he is amazing!


I have been training with Mike for 10 months now and have made far more progress than I had hoped for when I started. My fitness has drastically improved and I am becoming stronger and more toned as the weeks go on. Mike is highly knowledgeable in his field and he imparts this knowledge with enthusiasm. He encourages you to focus on making changes for life rather than changes for the here and now. Mike tailors his workouts to ensure you are encouraging improvement in your target areas, whilst working on your overall fitness and strength. I really enjoy the sessions as they are varied and he introduces new exercises weekly. I would recommend Mike to anyone!


My training started with Mike Nichols February 2015. Feeling very “mid 40’s” and apprehensive about doing something I’d never tried before. Mike was fantastic, after asking me my goals he set up a programme. I never felt intimidated or worried. Everything is always explained clearly and our positions corrected when necessary. Mike has an extensive knowledge of nutrition, which has been really beneficial giving me a different outlook on food. Mike has also helped me work through minor injuries challenges. I can honestly say I feel great both physically & mentally. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike to anyone.


What a difference 21/2 years makes! I met Mike when he was first setting up his business. I chose one-to-one tuition, and the benefits have been fantastic After a personal assessment we set my goals and targets, based mainly on strength and flexibility. I do two sessions a week, and each is tailor-made to achieve them. Mike is totally professional in his approach, and sets realistic challenges which are regularly reviewed. He has also given diet/nutritional advice to enable me to gain the most benefit from training. Mike’s facilities at The Barn offer enormous scope for a variety of challenging work-outs. It’s been a great journey for me, and if you put the effort in you gain the rewards.

Esther Hudson

I have been training with Mike for over a year now. I mainly wanted to improve my fitness and learn new skills including Olympic lifting, body weight exercises, kettle bell workouts and cross fit workouts. Together we have hit my goals and more. His knowledge and his passion for fitness is an inspiration and I thoroughly enjoy his sessions and always looking forward to the next goal. He is fun, energetic and I can’t recommend him enough!


I’m in my late forties & have been training with Mike for the last 2 years. I feel stronger, more flexible & toned now than I have for a long time. In the past I’ve suffered badly with back problems which hindered my ability to do all the sporting activities I like to do. With Mikes guidance & training I have been able to improve my core muscles & strengthen my back muscles which have hugely helped me especially on the golf course. I’m now able to play a full round of golf without any back pain & hit the ball further all down to better strength & flexibility I have achieved training with Mike. I would highly recommend Mike as a personal trainer who really cares about getting the best out of you.

Doug King

I heard about Mike through a friend. I had been spending years dropping in out of gyms never really, managing to stick with it. I have been training with Mike since April and it has been great. Mike has introduced me to loads of new exercises and he is still finding new ones every couple of weeks. Having a couple of sessions a week booked in with Mike is a lot easier than trying find time to train when the public gyms are less busy. This has made it a lot easier to keep training. Mike is a really nice laid back guy and I would recommend him to anyone.