The Bulgarian Split Squat


The Bulgarian Split Squat
The Bulgarian Split Squat

Muscle Group:

Glutes, Hamstrings, Quads, Calves




Bench, Chair

The Bulgarian Split Squat

The Bulgarian split squat exercise is great if you’re someone looking for glute development in particular. This exercise will help to improve a number of other aspects too such as; running speed, leg development, hip and knee extension strength and greater leg power.

It essentially comprises of an individual elevating one leg behind them to roughly the height of an exercise bench and balancing on the leading leg. The height is not exact nor is the object needed to stabilise you, a sofa or chair could suffice so no excuses for not being able to do it with ease! Once achieved a stable position, it is then time to flex the lead leg into essentially a single leg squat position and then extend up while making the leg musculature work hard in doing so.

If you are new to this move you can use a chair or a similar object to hold onto to help further stabilise yourself so you can purely focus on the lead leg doing all the work. Where you position your lead leg will also determine which muscles will work more than others during it. Generally speaking, the further forward you position your lead leg, the more your glutes and hamstrings will be recruited, whereas the further back you place it, the more your quads and glutes will work. It would be worthwhile performing it in both foot positions and perhaps what you could consider a more neutral foot position. Try to maintain a broad chest again here and stay tall throughout the movement.

It is not uncommon to initially feel quite a stretch in your rear stabilising legs quad region. This is quite normal and will most likely dissipate in time as flexibility improves and positioning is altered accordingly. This will have your legs feeling like jelly for a day or two afterwards, especially if using a controlled lowering phase to the exercise (eccentric) and additional weights e.g Dumbbells or Kettlebells.

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