Small Group Training

For a fraction of the price of 1-1 PT, group training is a great choice to get healthy and fit with your friends and family. Group training may benefit those who lack confidence or struggle with self-motivation as we look to support and encourage one another throughout the sessions. We firstly invite you to a free consultation where we can establish fitness goals and look at how we can achieve them. The consultation also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and inform the trainer of any current injuries / concerns.

At our facility we have access to a wide range of gym equipment in order to achieve greater muscle development, increase mobility and fitness levels at an efficient rate. Subject to personal goals, we will introduce you to various types of training methods including weights, variations of HIIT and resistance training.

Each group allows a maximum of four members per group to ensure full attention on each individual member. We also offer the option for individuals to join existing groups who we feel are at similar fitness levels and share similar goals.

Group Exercise Sessions Bristol

HIIT & Bootcamp

Why not kick start your weekend with our great Bootcamp and HIIT classes? These classes welcome both men and women of all fitness levels. This is a great opportunity for you to develop fitness levels for a little price of £5.00 per session! These types of classes may benefit those who have little self-confidence or are relatively new to fitness as we all look to support and encourage one another. You may even develop your social life as you train alongside people who share similar interests to you.

These classes are meant to be enjoyable entailing structured workout, group games and individual challenges. The routines will be regularly updated ensuring we keep them motivating and challenging. 

To start your new fitness journey with Mike’s group training call direct on 0800 049 5482 or complete the contact form!