Personalised Online Fitness Training

Our online fitness training services are a great alternative for people who enjoy working out in the comfort of their own home, or at their local gym. You’ll get all of the information you need from your trainer including demonstrational exercise videos, dietary guides and more to achieve your fitness goals.

We’ve overseen hundreds of clients and delivered thousands of personal training sessions, so we’ve developed a great understanding of what works (and what doesn’t!) when it comes to getting in shape. Our training manual was developed to provide you with useful information and guidance to advance your development throughout your transformation. 

Whether you’ve already started your fitness journey, or if this is the first step, our online training plans are an excellent and cost effective way for you to achieve maximum results and hit your goals.

Online Fitness Training Bristol

How Online Fitness Training Works

Check out our brand new signature online fitness training programmes. These 16 week pre-planned programmes are a fitting choice for those who enjoy motivating structured routines that encourage greater fitness levels and muscle growth. Our online training package is a great choice for keeping the costs low whilst having plenty of resources and guidance throughout your program. This type of package may benefit someone who may already have a good understanding of fitness but struggles with structuring routines or keeping them regularly updated.

At first we will invite you to a free consultation to discuss your goals and look at how we aim to achieve them. The consultation also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and inform the trainer of any current injuries/concerns which you may have. The trainer will then plan and structure your online routines appropriately subject to personal goals, we will introduce you to various types of training methods including weight training, variations of HIIT and resistance – taking into account the amount of equipment you have access to. Your routines are logged onto the ‘PT Distinction’ App, which you can download via phone or tablet. Once you have logged in to your account you’ll have access to many useful resources including scheduled routines, demonstrational exercise videos, a food diary and other useful training documents.

There is also the option to have a Skype call with your trainer fortnightly. This allows you to discuss any concerns or current injuries, monitor your progress and discuss new strategies to further develop your training. 

Our online training plans are suitable for both men and women so if you’re looking to achieve maximum results from your fitness journey in your own home or local gym, this is for package you.

Integrate Online & 1-1 Training

If you’re already a personal training client you can also benefit from our online training resources too! Simply speak to your trainer to find out how.

If you’re looking to sign up as a new client why not integrate 1-1 Personal Training with an online training programme? This combined package entitles you to unlimited resources and support both inside and outside of your training sessions.  This type of package is aimed at someone who chooses to benefit from an additional 1-1 PT session per week alongside their online training programme.

Having these additional 1-1’s means you will have regular contact with your trainer, where we can regularly monitor your progress and provide additional advice to further enhance your results.  Please note these 1-1 personal training sessions do not have to be a long-term commitment if you feel the online coaching will give you all the support you need. We do highly recommend them initially if you are in the local area so that the trainer can review your technique and correct posture to avoid any injuries for the future. However, if you’re based further afield your trainer will be able to assist you with this when you sign up to your online service.

Ready to get started with your online training journey? Call direct on 0800 049 5482 or complete the contact form!