Mike Nichols

‘Don’t count your reps, make your reps count’

Personal trainer Thornbury based Mike Nichols is a highly skilled personal trainer with copious amounts of experience and in-depth knowledge within the industry. Since a young age, Mike has always been involved with various sports including cricket, golf and football. He always was focused and correcting his technique to ensure maximum benefit.

Mike quotes: “My passion for fitness originally started in my teenage years. I used to set myself daily challenges. One that comes to mind would be setting myself the challenge to complete as many press-ups as I possibly could in one day. Of course my first attempt was awful but I committed to this task for nearly 2 years and at my peak I could reach a minimum of 300 press-ups a day!”

Personal Trainer Thornbury Mike Nichols

Mike’s passion towards fitness and health has led him to complete various courses in sports science and qualified as a Level 3 Personal Trainer and Advanced Nutritional Advisor for weight management with Premier Global.

In 2013, Mike decided to set up ‘Mike Nichols Personal Trainer & Nutrition’ offering a variety of services that welcomes every one of all fitness levels. Over the past 4 years Mike has built up a gym offering state of art equipment that will benefit a large variety of fitness and health goals.

As Mike has become more established within the Thornbury area, he decided to further challenge himself by pursuing ‘Level 4 Strength and Conditioning Coach’. From this qualification he is able to guide sports teams and general individuals to improve on their athletic performance and general well being.

Whether you are looking to train as an individual or with a group, Mike is able to tailor exercise programmes as well as provide additional support regarding nutrition, supplement and lifestyle choices. Mike quotes “Having helped many people during my time as a PT, I can honestly say that I still get a real buzz from seeing people working towards their goals and seeing the smiles on their faces!”

Why not give Mike a call and see how his services can help you improve your fitness levels & overall health. Call Mike directly on 0800 049 5482!

Incredible results in as little as 3 months!

Mike’s new 12-week body transformation programme enables you to take your training a few steps higher as we look to achieve incredible results at a swift rate!

Mike will be there to guide you every step of the way by providing you with a training manual, online coaching programme, guidance regarding nutrition, supplements and how to best manage your recovery.

  • Free Consultation

    Book your FREE consultation with Mike today!

  • Expert Training Resources

    You’ll get a training manual, online coaching programme, nutritional guidance and more

  • Highly Recommended

    The 12 Week Transformation is one of Mike’s specialities and he comes highly recommended. Check out the Testimonials page!

Bespoke fitness programmes

Mike’s passion and knowledge enables him to create suitable programmes for both men and women of all fitness levels. 1-1’s sessions creates the perfect environment for you to reach your fitness goals.

Subject to personal goals, Mike will introduce you to various types of training methods including weight training, variations of HIIT and resistance.


    Mike will craft you a customised training programme that is carefully planned to suit your training goals


    Whether you’re looking to achieve fat loss, build muscle or just improve your general fitness, Mike has the knowledge to help you succeed


    You can integrate Mike’s Online Coaching with your 1-1 Personal Training sessions

Cost effective online training

Mike’s online coaching package is a great choice for keeping the costs low whilst having plenty of resources and guidance throughout your programme.  He’ll plan and structure your online routines appropriately subject to personal goals whilst taking into account the amount of equipment you have access to.

To ensure regular progression Mike updates and reviews all online accounts monthly.


    Mike’s Online Coaching programmes allow you to achieve your goals from the comfort of your home or local gym, a cost effective solution to getting in shape


    Your own training manual will be packed full of useful information and guidance to advance your development throughout your transformation.

  • Signature online programmes

    Our low cost 16 week pre-planned programmes offering structured routines to promote greater fitness levels and muscle growth

Recommended websites

Take a look at Mike’s selection of recommended fitness suppliers. Whether you’re looking for supplements, protein powders, workout gear or protein packed snacks, Mike recommends only the best online providers.

Simply click the links provided where you’ll be taken to the relevant site to complete your purchase.

If you would like any nutritional advice before purchasing from any of these suppliers, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Mike is a nutritional expert and will be happy to help you select the right products to achieve your goal!

  • Myprotein

    This website offers a huge range of fitness products including high quality protein powders and supplements as well as workout clothing and accessories. Click HERE to start shopping


If you’re looking for an expert in personal training and nutrition, Mike is one of the best personal trainers Thornbury has to offer. With a self contained gym and bespoke training plans, you’ll be sure to achieve your fitness goals!