How To Develop Muscle Tone

How many reps per exercise do I need to perform to develop muscle or muscle ‘tone’ In the title of this post I decided to put develop muscle or muscle tone. Sometimes people seem to think that these are two different things, however in application they are not. Using the guidance throughout this post will […]

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Understanding Stressors & Personal Training

Personal Trainer Thornbury

Understanding Stressors & Rest In Relation To Personal Training Goals & General Health It is in the hours that you rest that anabolism (tissue regeneration and reinforcement) occurs. So in relation to training towards fat loss and muscle enhancement, your goals are dependent upon good rest too. It wouldn’t hurt most people to be aware […]

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Cycling Fitness Programme – The Benefits

Do you enjoy cycling? Have you a mountain bike or a road bike sat collecting dust in the garage or shed? Cycling provides many benefits, whether you’re looking to simply enhance your health and fitness or improve your performance, cycling is a fantastic cardio workout that can be done indoors or out. Indoor trainers are […]

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